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About Me

Welcome! I'm Greg Rogers and this is my gallery. Just a few words about me and my motivations for creating the site. First, I am a lifelong resident of Point Pleasant New Jersey and my family has roots here at the Jersey Shore going back to before the American Revolution.  In fact, my entire family still lives here.  Second, I have loved photography since I was a kid.

When you put those two factors together, taking on an endeavor like this was an easy decision for me. It enables me to devote time and energy to things with which I have a very deep emotional connection.    


About the Site

All images you will find here were inspired by the lifestyle, history and scenery of the Jersey Shore. There are both contemporary and vintage scenes. 

I shot all the contemporary photographs. You will also find great old photographs shot by others way before my time that I've restored to the point where they are suitable for printing in a large format. 

All the images in the gallery collections can be purchased directly through this site. I use Bay Photo, one of the finest professional photo labs on the planet, to fulfill orders as top quality prints and ready-to-hang products.

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