Suggestions - scenes past and present

Please be very careful if you decide to use the crop tool while checking out.

I only sell print products in sizes that match the aspect ratio of the image being printed, so there is really no reason to crop.  Unfortunately the service that I use to host the gallery does not allow the crop feature to be disabled.  So please don't crop unless you know exactly what the results will look like.  Thanks.

You may not want to buy based solely on what you see on your mobile device.

Before buying any product I strongly encourage you to have a look at the image on the largest screen you have at your disposal. An image may look exactly like what you want when it is thumb nail size and not what you thought when it is 24” x 36”. So please check out an image in  full-screen mode on a good monitor before pushing that "Buy" button. I display images on this site up to 2 Mpix and I don’t put any annoying watermarks on them. They look crystal clear on all of my 27 inch monitors when I view them in full screen mode, so if you have a larger monitor you should be able to get a good idea of what the image will look like, assuming the monitor is fairly well calibrated. Keep in mind that if you have the brightness of your screen turned way up, the image is probably going to be brighter than it will appear on whatever material you have in mind.

Consider Buying Test Prints First.

Since it is difficult to illustrate the distinctions between lustre, glossy and metallic finishes on a website, I make all images available for sale as small test prints for $1 each. The nice thing about the test prints is that you can hold them up to the wall where you were thinking of hanging that image and see its true colors and brightness; something you can't reliably do using a computer screen. Keep in mind, there may be small variations between the test prints and our other products due to differences between the appearance on paper and other materials (e.g. metal).

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